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  • Heal Your Pain, Reclaim Your Joy.

    Heal Your Pain, Reclaim Your Joy.

    Heal Your Pain, Reclaim Your Joy.

    Heal Your Pain, Reclaim Your Joy.

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    Thank you for considering BOSS Inner Child Counseling, LLC. Our services offer the highest quality of Therapy to meet the counseling needs of Women and Female Teenagers who are emotionally injured. Unresolved childhood and adult experiences can lead to dysfunctional effects. We understand that each Woman has a testimony of their life journey. BOSS Therapy is provided by Women BOSS Therapist who understand Women issues, because as a Woman we can relate to your needs. Therapy is not easy, but you’ll have a BOSS Therapist who will support you, by providing clinically based treatment.

    BOSS GIRL® Charities, Inc.


    Our mission is optimal mental health and well-being for Black and Brown girls and the communities that nurture them. We are dedicated to advancing health equity and social justice for Black and Brown Women, across the lifespan, through advocacy, education, mutual aid, therapeutic intervention, and leadership development.

    • reduce stigma and increase access to mental health resources for black and brown girls and the communities that care for them.

    • provide access to free therapeutic support

    • prepare parents, caregivers, and teachers to identify signs of distress among students and direct them to appropriate support if needed.

    • sensitize black and brown girls on the importance of menstrual health and hygiene during the menstrual cycle

    The overall goal of BOSS GIRL Charities, Inc. is to improve the life outcomes of underserved young adult women, ages 14 to 24 by providing a 3-tier program that includes Education, Individual & group clinical therapy, and mindfulness training with physical fitness, yoga and meditation within the community to promote health and wellness, improved self-esteem and reduce suicidal ideation and community violence.

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    The overall goal is promote positive mental health outcomes, by offering community based programming to teenage Black youth ages 14-24.

    Recent studies point to the disabling impact of diagnosable disorders such as depression, anxiety, and substance abuse on the overall mental health status of Black youth. Experts noted that multiple mental health disorder risk factors, such as poverty, food insecurity, health care disparities, and exposure to violence, disproportionately affect Black children (Reed & Adams, 2020). Additionally, experts have asserted systemic, intergenerational, and environmental criminal justice, race and social relational factors, as predisposing risks to disparate Black youth mental health outcomes (Bell, 2016) (Talley, et al., 2021) (Talley, et al., 2021) (Assari, Boyce, Bazargan, & Caldwell, 2021). These risk factors and other stressors also have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.