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  • Heal Your Pain, Reclaim Your Joy.

    Heal Your Pain, Reclaim Your Joy.

    Heal Your Pain, Reclaim Your Joy.

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    Thank you for considering BOSS Inner Child Counseling, LLC. Our services offer the highest quality of Therapy to meet the counseling needs of Women and Female Teenagers who are emotionally injured. Unresolved childhood and adult experiences can lead to dysfunctional effects. We understand that each Woman has a testimony of their life journey. BOSS Therapy is provided by Women BOSS Therapist who understand Women issues, because as a Woman we can relate to your needs. Therapy is not easy, but you’ll have a BOSS Therapist who will support you, by providing clinically based treatment.


    BOSS GIRL™ is a Movement Aimed at Teenage Girls, and Young Women and is designed to Promote Healthy Self-Esteem.

    The ages of participants are from 16– Young Adult.

    BOSS GIRL™ is a Young Lady who’s been through life’s challenges and remains
    Empowered, Intelligent, & Strong when comes to HER Mind👑,Body💪🏽&

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    BOSS GIRL Charities, Inc.


    To support and empower young women from the ages 16 and older, by providing psycho-education, life skills training, individual and group clinical therapy, while endorsing in physical fitness and yoga classes within the community.


    To Improve the lives of young women with unresolved trauma material, and foster the opportunity for these young women to learn improved ways of coping from negative symptoms, by developing emotional intelligence, increased self-esteem, stable mental health, community involvement and establish a new sense of life satisfaction.


    1. To reduce self-harming and self-sabotaging behavior, by processing trauma material with a licensed and/or a licensed-eligible mental health therapist and contracting for safety.

    2. To develop healthy coping skills, by attending fitness and yoga classes at least once a week.

    3. To increase socialization and community integration, by actively participating in positive community events and programming, which promotes healthy socialization.

    Mental Health Skill Building Services MHSS (Pending DBHDS Licensure Approval)

    Mental Health Skill Building Services (MHSS) provides mental health services for adults in our community over the age of 18 with emotional, behavioral and psychiatric disorders which result in significant functional impairments in normal day-to-day life activities.

    This service population has difficulties in maintaining focus and achieving the daily living skills necessary for them to lead productive lives in their communities on their own. Our program will teach and help implement these skills.